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ParityPortal | December 12, 2017

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Wipro registers ₹16.2b ($275m) profit for Q1

July 29, 2013 |

India’s third largest outsourcing firm Wipro has registered 11 per cent higher profits for the first quarter of the current financial indicating that there has been an uptick in overseas customer confidence.
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Apple, Samsung reportedly involved in settlement talks

July 23, 2013 |

Apple and Samsung are busy ironing out difference ahead of the new patent infringement trial slated for November this year and according to reports the two companies are negotiating a cross-licensing deal to end the patent row.
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China partially lifts 12-year old foreign gaming console ban

July 16, 2013 |

An official of Chinese Ministry of Culture has confirmed that the government has partially lifted the 12-year old ban on gaming consoles under which foreign companies will be able to sell their wares under the condition that they setup shop in Shanghai’s free trade zone.
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