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ParityPortal | June 28, 2017

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What is the price of Apple iPhone 5S 16GB in India? eBay sellers claims ₹65,000, ₹69,500

September 12, 2013 | 1

Apple unveiled its latest flagship iPhone – the 5S couple of days back and speculations are at an all-time high regarding the availability and pricing of the smartphone in India. According to a fresh listing on eBay a Hyderabad seller … Read More

Google Nexus 7 (2013) vs. Apple iPad Mini

August 3, 2013 |

We compared the recently released Nexus 7 with the Apple iPad Mini and it seems that Google has done its homework on this one.

Google released the successor to its original Nexus 7 and from the looks of it the tablet may very well be the best you can get for that price in the 7-inch segment. We compare the Nexus 7 with Apple’s iPad Mini to see how they stack up against each other.


Google has done away with the leathery-feel back and instead opted for a plastic finish. The tablet weighs 290 grams – making it lighter than the iPad Mini which weighs 308 grams. The Nexus 7 is thinner, has a thin bazel, full HD 7-inch 1080p display (the highest you can get in a tablet in this segment). If we take iPad Mini the first thing you would notice right of the bat is Apple’s superiority in design. The all-metal body of the tablet gives it a distinctive look. However, it seems that the design of the iPad Mini doesn’t reflect Apple’s actual capability in making stuff that stands out. The 7.9-inch display of the iPad Mini is bigger than that of the new Nexus 7 but, the screen resolution of 1,024×768 takes the game away from it. We will be going with Nexus 7 on this one.

Nexus 7 (1) – iPad Mini (0)

User Interface

Google has loaded the latest Nexus 7 with its pure Jelly Bean Android 4.3, which comes with multiple user support and ability to configure restrictive profiles for family members is something that makes it stand out. You do get the other Android standard features such as widget customizations, creation of folders on the home screen as well as the dock, notifications, etc. Apple’s iPad Mini on the other hand is loaded with iOS 6, which according to many analysts and users is the easiest mobile operating system till date. You have the notifications, which are not that extensive as compared to Android, different home button functions, among other standard iOS features. Home screen customization apart from folder creation and grouping of icons makes this operating system a lot less appealing as compared to the Android 4.3. We will be going with Nexus 7 on this one again.

Nexus 7 (2) – iPad Mini (0)


Both Google and Apple have fit their respective tablets with Wi-fi, Bluetooth and 4G LTE connectivity options but storage spec is where they differ. While Apple released the iPad Mini with 16, 32 and 64GB storage options, Google decided to go for just two versions – 16 and 32GB. None of the companies have put in any expandable storage option – understandable from Apple’s past tablets but, an Android tablet without a microSD card slot is a bit surprising.

Google Now is great in terms of functionality and the accuracy with which it recognizes voice commands is commendable. Google is the king of the maps world and Apple maps still suck. The new Nexus 7 packs a quad-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor. Gesture typing, Android beam, wireless video streaming using Chromecast, surround sound equipped speakers and wireless charging gives the Nexus 7 a lot of edge over the iPad Mini.

Apple’s dual-core A5 processor powers the iPad Mini which isn’t the best processor in the market today. Siri is definitely a big positive for Apple but, that alone wouldn’t take Cupertino to the finish line. You can stream contents from your iPad Mini to your television set but, only if you are having a TV connected to Apple TV. Despite the fact the Apple has the most number of tablet-dedicated apps, there is much more to features than just apps and a pretty voice assistant.

And yet again we vote for Google’s tablet.

Nexus 7 (3) – iPad Mini (0)

Multimedia experience

The new Nexus 7 has a big advantage here thanks to its full HD 1080p resolution screen whereas the iPad Mini lags a bit when it to video quality. Both companies have a lot of stuff in their respective multimedia offering but, Apple has the edge when it comes to exclusive content.

Nexus 7 browsing experience is great even without flash and Chrome comes in with lot many features that support a refreshing browsing experience. iPad Mini comes with Safari but, you can install the Chrome browser on the iPad Mini as well to have the same experience as in Nexus 7.

In terms of camera, both the tablets have the same configuration – a rear 5-megapixel camera and a front facing camera. The rear cameras in both the tablets are capable of capturing 1080p videos.
Considering that multimedia is all about screen, we would go with Google on this one and give the Nexus 7 another point here.

Nexus 7 (4) – iPad Mini (0)


The original nexus 7 had a battery life of 10 hours – one of the longest in the Android tablet segment – on a video stress test but, iPad Mini has an edge here with 11.9 hours of battery life in the same video stress test. We would definitely have to give this one to Apple.

Nexus 7 (4) – iPad Mini (1)


Pricing of the tablets vary depend on the region you are in but, if you consider the overall pricing structure, the new Nexus 7 is cheaper by $100 to $210 depending upon the model you go for based on storage and connectivity options.

Nexus 7 (5) – iPad Mini (1)


With great many features such as 1080p display, gesture typing, NFC support, surround sound speakers, wireless charging and above all pricing, the new Nexus 7 has definitely a great edge over the iPad Mini.

Apple, Samsung reportedly involved in settlement talks

July 23, 2013 |

Apple and Samsung are busy ironing out difference ahead of the new patent infringement trial slated for November this year and according to reports the two companies are negotiating a cross-licensing deal to end the patent row.

A report on The Korea Times reported that the South Korean electronics giant is trying to sort out key differences with Cupertino. The talks have begun late last year and it seems that they have “come down to the issue of fees for Apple.” From the looks of it, Apple holds the key as to whether the deal will go through or not and if this deal doesn’t go through chances are the companies will continue to battle it out over their respective patent pools.

One of the sources in the report said, “Both companies are now finding better conditions to bring the settlement talks on their sides. That’s why they are paying keen attention to two upcoming separate decisions by the USITC.”

Back in June the USITC banned Apple from importing iPad 2 and iPhone 4 into the country after it found that Cupertino was violating some of the patents held by Samsung. However, the final decision would come in August as there is a 60-day review period wherein it is being decided whether Samsung has violated Apple’s patents or not.

Low cost iPhone spotted next to iPhone 5

July 22, 2013 |

A Japanese magazine has leaked what seems to be picture of the low cost iPhone next to iPhone 5 – seemingly the back plate rather than the actual phone.

From the looks of it the low cost iPhone seems to be having the same height as that of the iPhone 5 – the visible differences being the volume rocker and the mute switches as they appear oblong on the low cost iPhone as compared to circular ones in iPhone 5.

Other photos reveal that the screw hole layout on the new iPhone is more or less similar to that of the iPhone 5 indicating that the iPhone 5S and the cheaper variant may be having the same logic board design.

We are not sure how authentic these pictures are but, from the looks of it and the recent leaks that are coming our way, chances are this could be the real deal. Sill, as with all other Apple rumours, we advise you to take these as a grain of salt.

Alleged Apple iPhone 5S specifications revealed

July 18, 2013 |

Like with every other gadget from Apple, rumours are at an all-time high for iPhone 5 as well and latest reports from China reveal the alleged specifications of the phone.

According to EXPreview, the iPhone 5S will be featuring a quad-core PowerVR SGX554MP4 GPU instead of a tri-core one as the GPU has been upgraded. Further the RAM has been doubled to 2GB and the phone will boasts of a 12-megapixel rear shooter with dual-LED. Beyond this the site also claims that the smartphone from Apple will features NFC, fingerprint recognition and support for LTE-Advanced.

The leaked images of the iPhone 5S indicates that the phone will have a form-factor same as that of the iPhone 5 and this is not surprising given the history of all ‘S’ devices launched by the fruity company in the past.

If we consider that all the above information is correct, then iPhone 5S will definitely be a nice upgrade but, as these are rumours without any credible proofs, we would recommend you take this information as a grain of salt for now!

Google Maps app finally lands on iPad

July 17, 2013 |

Google has released its all new Maps app for iOS and this time around has native support for iPad.

Not only does the new app have support for iPad’s larger screen, it also brings with it many new features such as live traffic and road incident reports as well as indoor direction and maps for airports, malls, transit stations and more. The apps also allows users to provide ratings to places they have been and (depending upon the location) expert Zagat content.

According to reports from MacRumours, the new app doesn’t have on-the-fly rerouting feature – like on its Android counterpart but, Google has assured that it will be adding the feature in future.

Live traffic and incident reports may very well have been based on the technology acquired by Waze but, it is highly unlikely that Google would have been able to integrate that technology so quickly. The update for the maps app would be rolled out over the period of next 24 hours and if you don’t see the Google Maps app listed in your App Store, do check back again later.

IC yield issues shroud iPhone 5S manufacturing

July 16, 2013 |

Apple may not be able to ship iPhone 5S in huge numbers soon after its rumoured launch in September as latest reports indicate that the manufacturing of the iPhone 5 successor may be delayed because of poor yields of fingerprint-recognition chips and LCD driver ICs.

There have been reports of Apple including a fingerprint sensor in the next iPhone as early as March this year following which it was claimed that iPhone 6 which will have the sensor and not the iPhone 5S. Digitimes has it from its sources that because of yield rates related to the fingerprint-recognition chips and LCD driver IC the commercial production of the chips, which should have started back in June or early July, will commence by late July which will put pressure on the supply of the handsets.

The issues are present because of problems with the original design of the fingerprint-recognition chip. The report claims that a total of 3 million units of iPhone 5S will be delayed to the fourth quarter which may lead to delays in shipment of the next-iPhone during the third quarter.

Apple iPhone 4 8GB down to ₹21,672

July 15, 2013 |

If you are not too bothered about the version of the iPhone you are buying then definitely consider buying one from emartbazaar, one of the top-rated sellers on eBay, who is selling an 8GB model of the iPhone 4 for as low as ₹21,672 with free shipping.

This particular model of iPhone 4 is unlocked and comes with 1 year of Apple India warranty and is loaded with iOS 4, which is upgradable to iOS 6. The phone is brand new and the price it comes makes this deal a very lucrative one.

Some of the other features worth mentioning here are Retina display, a 5-megapixel rear camera, 8GB onboard storage, Apple A4 SoC, a 1,420mAh battery, a 3.5-inch 960 x 540 pixel display, a front facing camera and probably the best Apple chassis ever. The package contains Apple earphones with Remote and Mic, dock connector to USB cable, USB power adapter and documentation.

Considering that iPhone 5 successor may be on its way, iPhone 4S prices as well as those of iPhone 5 may also fall. So, do check back soon.

We strongly advise you to read our Tech Deals disclaimers should you have a purchase intent. Tech Deals are not sponsored. Instead they are chosen based solely on how good of a bargain they are.

Apple iPhone 5 down to ₹40,652

June 17, 2013 | 1

Possibly the lowest price we have seen so far for the iPhone 5 and could be an indication that Apple may have started facing the brunt of Android competitors.

We don’t think that the recent price cut is directly from Apple as iBhejo is known to undercut a lot of other ecommerce sites on pricing on most of the products it sells. Consider this one for example, iBhejo is selling Apple iPhone 5 16GB Black smartphone for just ₹40,652 (after a ₹1,000 discount with coupon code JUNGLEE1000OFF) if you go through

Considering that the product is getting shipping from iBhejo US, chances are that Apple may have cut the prices down by informing its partners and resellers directly without making it public. If that is the case then iPhone 5S (or an iPhone 6) may be just around the corner.

This is a SIM Free model and will allow you to use the phone with any network operator. The device faced a lot of competition from the likes of Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 2.

Apple’s iPhone 5 still remains a very capable device even after nine months of its launch. It features a 4-inch Retina display with 1,136 x 640 pixel resolution, 4G LTE connectivity, a dual-core A6 system-on-chip (SoC), an 8-megapixel iSight camera, iOS6, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, up to eight hours battery life and 16GB onboard storage.

Apple officially unveils iOS 7 at WWDC 2013

June 11, 2013 |

Apple has finally unveiled the highly anticipated iOS 7 with a much flatter design albeit a new user interface for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

The John Ive-inspired look and feel took over six month to design and the lighter version of the user interface gives a more refreshed look. The new UI doesn’t fundamentally change the way users would need to operate the OS but, the features have received a new coat of paint.

The new iOS doesn’t resemble its predecessor in any way and is an overhaul like never before. All features ranging from messaging app to the keyboard to the icons to the way the OS behaves when the hardware is moved is different – iOS 7 showcases three-dimensional behaviour.

iOS 7 brings with it multitasking features, which was on our wish list as well, for all apps and that too without hampering the battery life of the device.

Safari has been equipped with a new feature dubbed “omnisearch bar” which is similar to the one in Mac but, with added smart search field that would allow users to create easily tappable icons for popular sites. With tighter social integration the overhauled Safari now offers Shared Links that pulls shared stories from services like Twitter.

iOS 7 has also improved upon Camera and now it natively support filtering. With improved organization features that allow users to manage massive photo libraries, users can now arrange photos by location and time. The App Store for the new iOS now supports auto-update of apps.

Music on iOS 7 comes with a revamped interface which now brings with it Now Playing screen and includes both iCloud purchases and on-device content. FaceTime has been updated to offer audio-only calls over WiFi and users can block specific calls as per their choice. This particular blocking feature is available for iMessage calls as well as general Phone calls.