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ParityPortal | November 19, 2017

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Want to buy Google Sniper 3.0? first, here’s an overview of the chapters

Want to buy Google Sniper 3.0? first, here’s an overview of the chapters
Ravi Mandalia

We reviewed Google Sniper yesterday for it capability of making you money online and despite many people claiming that it is a farce, we believe the Google Sniper system is good enough if followed from A to Z.

We had the option of buying the system and the layout of the course and the presentation style has impressed us. Though we are not allowed to provide the contents of the Google Sniper system because of legal obligations, we are providing you with an overview of the course layout and the chapters thereby aiding your decision of buying it or not.

The entire course has been divided into eight parts. Though the system is quite elaborate if we dig deeper, the details we provide here about the eight chapters should provide you with enough information.

Part One of the course deals with finding a profitable opportunity. This is very important for the fact that if you make a wrong choice here, you will most definitely not earn any money whatsoever. The course will provide you a systematic approach with which you can go about while deciding which market to get into and the specific product to target. The chapter also talks about the different keyword search strategies as well as how to find the keywords that you need to target for your sniper site.

Part Two of the course deals with the foundation of your sniper site and takes you through the motions of getting a domain, installing WordPress, required plugins, themes etc. The best thing about this chapter is that you don’t need any prior information about domains and sites and it doesn’t expect you to be technologically sound. The step-by-step instructions will make sure that you have your sniper site up and running in a few minutes.

Part Three can be pegged as the marketing chapter as it teaches you how to write your sites content so that you get the maximum conversion rate you possibly can out of your site (preselling). The different things it talks about is the idea of preselling, the angle of approach, choosing a specific theme for your writing and gives examples of some proven theme/story combinations for some popular niches.

Part Four of the Google Sniper course talks about the methods through which you can optimize your site for complete domination of the search engine rankings. Though this chapter may sound a little scary owing to the part where you will be taking on Google and trying to dominate its rankings, George Brown – the author of the system – has done a great deal of work to ensure that you don’t get bogged down by unnecessary details.

Part Five can be said to be a concise bible of affiliate links. It talks about everything you need to do with your affiliate links, where to put, how to cloak them and even what to say in them to get the most clicks.

Part Six is where Brown lets you know step-by-step about how to put all the knowledge in the first five chapters to use and setup your site, start to finish.

Part Seven teaches you how to gain some quick backlinks and get your site indexed fast. Some of the tricks involved are integration with YouTube, Google sandbox, etc.

Part Eight is the last of the chapters, but we assure you it is equally important as it tells you how to turn this one site into a 6 figure business.

Want to buy Google Sniper?

At just $1 for a five day trial followed by $47 one-time payment (refundable if you aren’t satisfied) Google Sniper is definitely worth a try. We recommend that you give it a go for a few days and with some patience and precise implementation, you are definitely in for some big bucks – hundreds of times of what you have invested.