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ParityPortal | November 19, 2017

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Google Sniper review – a tool that is true to its words

Google Sniper review – a tool that is true to its words
Ravi Mandalia

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At just $1 for a five day trial followed by $47 one-time payment (refundable if you aren't satisfied) Google Sniper is definitely worth a try.

Internet is an ocean and there is plenty of fish to catch if you the tricks. Affiliate marketing, e-commerce, blogging, are some of the things you can do online to earn a little extra cash or even make a living. Affiliate marketing is possibly one of the most popular method of generating money online and the key to a successful future in this field to know the tricks and utilise them at the fullest.

You can always rely on the internet and good old Google to search your way through tips and tricks of affiliate marketing, but that would take you days and possibly even months before you can actually make some serious cash. So why not take a cue from someone who already knows the tricks of the trade?

George Brown is a famous and successful Internet marketer, and his tool Google Sniper is possibly one of the best courses you can find that will teach you the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. We have had the chance of reviewing the course and here’s our verdit:

Google Sniper – the background

As mentioned earlier, Google Sniper is an affiliate marketing course that features creation of certain types of sites (referred to as sniper websites) that will rank quickly on Google’s first page. The course has been shaped up in the form of a tutorial that takes you through the motions of building a Google Sniper website. You get the course in PDF as well as video formats.

Is it for you?

The first question that might pop in your head about Google Sniper is whether the course is for you? Well, the straight answer is – if you are new to internet marketing or affiliate marketing, then yes it is for you. If you have been struggling to make some real money from affiliate marketing, then yes Google Sniper is definitely for you. If you have already established a site and have been working on affiliate marketing, but are still not able to achieve your targets, then yes Google Sniper is for you!

What all you get?

Like any other course that teaches you the core values of a subject as well as takes you through the advanced topics pertaining to the topic, Google Sniper can be considered as the numero uno of affiliate marketing. The course has been well designed in the following topics:

  • Getting started – This provides a sort of introduction to the course and gives you an overview of what you should expect from the course.
  • Google Sniper 3.0 – This section is the essence of the whole course and consists of the Google Sniper e-book, user manual as well as 25 training videos that will take you through the motion of entire system.
  • Further training – This you can consider as a sort of additional help on the topics covered in the main module. This contains additional videos that will deliver more information about how you can maximize the results obtained from Google Sniper techniques.
  • The Empire module – This module is meant for those who are not too technical and need help in blog installation, article writing, backlinking, site building etc. This module also covers a great deal of information about how to get the job done through outsourcing.
  • Rolodex – This can be considered as a cherry on top kind of thing as it packs additional resources that can provide you with more ways to make some extra money online.
  • Sniper X – This is a weekly dose of new and updated material including Q&As and videos that will keep you abreast about most recent strategies and techniques.
  • Support – If you are stuck somewhere in the middle of the process, you would want someone to go to for help. The support module on Google Sniper is one that gets you the help. You will be able to clear your affiliate marketing related questions quickly.

Google Sniper – the videos

The seven video modules of Google Sniper are:

  1. How to Choose What Niche to Go into and a Winning Product
  2. Finding Keywords That Meet The Sniper Criteria
  3. Creating The Foundations of Your Sniper Site
  4. Secrets of a 20% Conversion Rate (How To Make More Money By Preselling)
  5. The Fastest Way To Cloak Affiliate Links
  6. How To Create Your Site (Technical Stuff)
  7. How To Get Ranked And Gain Authority in Record Time

Google Sniper – the positives

One of the strongest points of Google Sniper is its clear directions, easy to follow explanation and to the point description of the different components.

The system in itself is self-sustained – this means that once you have it successfully implemented, it will run on autopilot and earn you money automatically. You will hardly require any adjustments, except for when you want to finetune the implementation or want to incorporate a few new features.

As far as the course is concerned, it is extremely easy to follow and anyone not aware of affiliate marketing will be able to money from it. The best thing about the course is that you are not expected to have any prior knowledge of Internet marketing to successfully implement the system.

The money back guarantee is the second best point of the system. This option is what speaks volumes about the effectiveness and potential of the system.

At below $50, the system is definitely a steal as you will be able to recover that in no time. Also, if you don’t find the system worthwhile, you always have the option of a refund.

Google Sniper – the negatives

As you would agree that nothing is perfect in this world, so is the case with Google Sniper.

You will need a lot of patience while understanding the techniques and implementing it. It will take some time before you start making money and that’s possibly one of the negatives – though if you wait for some time, you will definitely start netting a few bucks.

There are all the chances that you may end up getting your site blacklisted if you don’t follow the instructions in the Google Sniper system precisely as explained by George.

Google Sniper – the verdict

At just $1 for a five day trial followed by $47 one-time payment (refundable if you aren’t satisfied) Google Sniper is definitely worth a try. We recommend that you give it a go for a few days and with some patience and precise implementation, you are definitely in for some big bucks – hundreds of times of what you have invested.