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ParityPortal | November 19, 2017

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Content Curation – Easy, safe and fast method to generate refreshing, Google-friendly content

Content Curation – Easy, safe and fast method to generate refreshing, Google-friendly content
Ravi Mandalia

Bloggers, content creators, internet marketers, affiliate marketers are always striving to generate new, refreshing and above all Google-friendly content and they often spend hours creating meaningful content for their readers. Though writing fresh content is the way to go, there is always the possibility of using new techniques that will help you achieve your results faster. One such technique that is picking up lately is content curation.

So one may ask What is Content Curation? Also known as curation blogging, content curation can be defined as a process using which you can share meaningful information such as news, expert statements, opinion statements and more on hot topics that users are searching for online.

This means that you will not only be providing them with content that you have generated, but will also be serving them with snippets of information generated by experts in the field right at one place

The next question you may ask is why to use such a technique when you are already generating content of you own? The simple answer is that readers strive for content that is not only engaging, but also packed with opinions, critical reviews and statements, facts and hard numbers. You may be an expert in the topic you are writing upon, but you certainly are not the only one!

Using content curation, you can not only deliver textual content from experts, you will also be able to serve images, videos, links and other multimedia content that have been authored by other people. This means that you will be providing readers with a sort of one-stop-online-destination for all their content needs giving them a motivation to keep coming back for more by subscribing to your site or blog and becoming regular readers.

Your objective should always be to satisfy your online visitors and customers first and the best way to do that is to serve them with a variety of content for their reading appetite. Content curation can also help you earn money through affiliate programmes and advertising.

To find content for your curation, you can turn to blogfeeds, news sites, portals, social media sites, online video sites, image libraries, among other places and find the best content that suits your theme as well as has the capability of satisfying the needs of your readers.

If you haven’t got it by now, here it is! Content curation may be deemed by some as plagiarizing content. But that’s not the case as you are not going to present the content as your own. Content curation involves searching for the right content and then attributing the source of the content as the real author and linking to their site, blog, or webpage as the case may be. You will no where present the content as your own.

Some of the benefits of content curation are:

  • Valuable content that interests users;
  • Precise, relevant information from high quality sources;
  • Helps you build trust;
  • Keeps your readers entertained;
  • Build your social media presence through word-of-mouth;
  • Generates traffic for your site; and
  • Helps you build a brand.

What are the methods of content curation?

Content curation will involve searching for relevant content from tons of sites, blogs and possibly great amount of searching skills if you want to narrow down to content that fits your needs. This process may take up a huge amount of time and the best way to go about curating content is through automated tools that do the job for you.

There are a number of tools available online that you can use to automate content curation. Some of these are:

  • CurationSoft
  • Page One Curator
  • Curation Traffic
  • Instant Content Curator Pro
  • Instant Curator

Though we won’t be going into the specifics of any of the products here, we would provide you with a general criteria based on which you can evaluate content curation software and tools. Content curation tool that you decide to use should be time saving; should be able to produce quality content that is both interesting and edited; adhere to generally accepted rules of curation; and publish the curated content automatically on the site of your choice.

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