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ParityPortal | October 21, 2017

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Google Maps app finally lands on iPad

Google Maps app finally lands on iPad
Ravi Mandalia

Google has released its all new Maps app for iOS and this time around has native support for iPad.

Not only does the new app have support for iPad’s larger screen, it also brings with it many new features such as live traffic and road incident reports as well as indoor direction and maps for airports, malls, transit stations and more. The apps also allows users to provide ratings to places they have been and (depending upon the location) expert Zagat content.

According to reports from MacRumours, the new app doesn’t have on-the-fly rerouting feature – like on its Android counterpart but, Google has assured that it will be adding the feature in future.

Live traffic and incident reports may very well have been based on the technology acquired by Waze but, it is highly unlikely that Google would have been able to integrate that technology so quickly. The update for the maps app would be rolled out over the period of next 24 hours and if you don’t see the Google Maps app listed in your App Store, do check back again later.