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ParityPortal | December 12, 2017

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GlassUp launches crowdfunding campaign, expected to arrive in early 2014

Abhishek Gohel

GlassUp, a pair of smart glasses similar to Google Glass in concept, has started its official crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo.

GlassUp isn’t as feature complete as Google Glass but, comes with a stripped down feature set that may put on weight as it garners more and more customers over the years. GlassUp has only managed to raise about a sixth of its total funding goal and if the project doesn’t manage to collect the required funding, it will seek cash from investors to release the product.

The major difference between GlassUp and Google Glass is that unlike Google’s pair of smart glasses, GlassUp places the display in the middle of user’s field of vision – so if you are talking to someone, notifications will appear on that person’s tie. From the sample photos, one can see that the design is rather bulky but, the CEO has said that the designs will turn out to be more attractive at the end.


CEO Francesco Giartosio said that they had been working on GlassUp since before Google and as soon as they heard about the work done by the search engine giant, they were concerned about the similarity of the product and the product name as well.

GlassUp has very limited features to offer as of now and without the camera it doesn’t do much good. Considering that the smart glasses are only providing notifications for now they may very well be compared with smart watches. GlassUp will retail at somewhere around $399 and is slated for delivery next year.