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ParityPortal | October 21, 2017

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Graphene holds key to 100 times faster Internet claim researchers

Graphene holds key to 100 times faster Internet claim researchers
Ravi Mandalia

Graphene, the so called ‘magic material’, is at it again and this time is showing promising signs of its ability to dramatically increase internet speeds – a 100 times faster than that available today.

In a study carried out by researchers from the Universities of Bath and Exeter, Graphene has been used to demonstrate – for the first time ever – incredibly short optical response rates that could revolutionize telecommunications of the future.

Let us dig deeper into the manner in which data is transmitted and processed. Data signals are sent in the by photons at infrared wavelengths using optoelectronic devices like optical fibres, photodetectors and lasers and these signals are processed using optical switches, which are responsible for conversion of signals into a series of light pulses. These optical switches respond at rate of a few picoseconds i.e. about a trillionth of a second.

In the new study researchers have observed that the response rate of an optical switch which used ‘few layer Graphene’ was about one hundred femtoseconds i.e. a hundred times quicker than current materials. Lead researcher Dr. Enrico Da Como notes, “We’ve seen an ultrafast optical response rate, using ‘few-layer Graphene’, which has exciting applications for the development of high speed optoelectronic components based on Graphene.”

“This fast response is in the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum, where many applications in telecommunications, security and also medicine are currently developing and affecting our society,” added Da Como.

The research paper can be found here.