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ParityPortal | October 21, 2017

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Apache web server 2.0 maintenance discontinued

Apache web server 2.0 maintenance discontinued
Ravi Mandalia

Developers over at Apache project released version 2.0.65 of the Apache web server and with that have announced the discontinuation of maintenance of the 2.0 version branch and urged users to migrate to current versions of either 2.2 or 2.4 as soon as possible.

“The Apache HTTP Project developers strongly encourages all users to migrate to Apache stable release 2.4 or at minimum version the legacy release 2.2 as quickly as possible, as no further maintenance will be performed on this historical version 2.0”, reads the release announcement.

Version 2.0.65 was released on July 10 which included fixes for six security holes including a bug that would allow attackers to gain control of the server [CVE-2011-3607]. The developers have, however, noted that there is a possibility of memory exhaustion through a carefully crafted .htaccess file and this issue will remain unresolved in 2.0.65. Users who are concerned about the open issue should upgrade to the 2.2.25 of later to minimize this risk.

Apache 2.0 was first released for general use about 11 years ago and since then have had multiple releases, With maintenance ending for 2.0 users can upgrade to 2.4.4 or 2.2.25.