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ParityPortal | December 12, 2017

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WhatsApp bug exploited by contact file ‘Priyanka’

WhatsApp bug exploited by contact file ‘Priyanka’
Ravi Mandalia

A contact file dubbed ‘Priyanka’ making rounds on the web is exploiting some unknown vulnerability in WhatsApp, which if saved will rename all the contacts within WhatApp to Priyanka.

The contact file is not being spread by a virus or malware and users would need to accept the file before the WhatsApp contacts are messed up. The contact file is in itself not a virus or malware and is probably a bug in the messaging app that is being exploited once the file is saved through WhatsApp. The exploit file doesn’t leave a permanent damage and users would be able reinstate their WhatsApp contacts provided they are using automatic backup feature.

According to a blog post on AndroidSoul to completely remove Priyanka one would be required to first remove the contact file itself. Then the user would be required to delete all of the WhatsApp data – this may be achieved by uninstalling WhatsApp. After reinstalling the messaging app contacts and conversations can be restored using backup files.

No further information about the bug is available at the moment. We will update the post once we hear something.