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ParityPortal | November 19, 2017

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Best of Linux 3.10 features

Best of Linux 3.10 features
Ravi Mandalia

Recent news about Linus Torvalds’ profanity warning over the release of Linux 3.10-rc5 has created quite a buzz in the open source world.

With only three odd release candidates to go before the final version of Linux 3.10 is announced, we are bringing to you the best of the features that the latest kernel has to offer.

First and foremost it is the BCache SSD/HDD caching framework that will allow those users with mix storage environment of Solid State Drive (SSD) and Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to use the faster SSD as a cache to the slower HDD.

Intel announced its next generation of processes – Haswell and Linux 3.10 will support these and many other advanced processors as well.

Linux 3.10 is going to up the ante of power management and with a lot of pull requests the kernel will become more apt at managing power. Linux 3.10 comes with the all new AMD frequency-sensitive power-save bias will work well with AMD chips. There are improvements for the ARM based processors as well.

Quite a few DRM driver changes have been slated as well and Linux 3.10 will finally come with UVD video decoding support. Anyone looking to take advantage of hardware-based video playback using the updated Mesa/Gallium3D would require the Linux 3.10 on their system. Read more on the Direct Rendering Manager pull request here.

Linux 3.10 yields the biggest Linux changes in recent years and there are quite a few other features.