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ParityPortal | October 21, 2017

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Sony PlayStation 3 12GB + Move bundle down to ₹18,990

Sony PlayStation 3 12GB + Move bundle down to ₹18,990
Abhishek Gohel

Are you looking to replace your existing gaming console with a new one; are you looking towards buying your first ever gaming console; then check out the Sony Playstation 3 12GB + Move bundle which is on sale at for only ₹18,990 and comes with Street Cricket.

The pricing includes free shipping and can be paid through using easy EMI options. The game console has been redesigned. It keeps its Blu-ray player (albeit with a top-loading sliding disk cover) and reduces its size by a quarter compared to the existing slim model

There is only 12GB storage available on the console while all other features are the same as the previous PS3 consoles – the wireless Dualshock 3 controller, access to PlayStation Network, HDMI, Wi-Fi and more.

This is seemingly the last iteration of the award-winning gaming console and the slimmer version indicates that this is definitely a move targeted towards cutting down of its bill of materials, increasing its profit margins and improving overall reliability.

PlayStation 4 has already been revealed but, Sony hasn’t revealed anything about its pricing or launch dates. If you are keen on waiting for the next-gen gaming console you will have to do so till the end of the year probably. Check out Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4 APUs compared.