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ParityPortal | October 24, 2017

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7 things we would like to see in iOS 7

7 things we would like to see in iOS 7
Ravi Mandalia

Apple’s next WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) is just around the corner and there are all the chances that the fruity company may reveal bit and bobs of iOS 7, Mac OS X and may even end up launching a slimmer MacBook Pro.

During the last WWDC, Apple gave us a lot when it came to features in iOS 6. Siri for iPad, Facebook integration along with ability to carry out FaceTime video chats over cellular network, Passbook, and plenty more. Cupertino was however a little lethal as it also went about chucking off Google Maps as well as YouTube. Apple Maps took over and this is when all hell broke loose. However, Apple did manage to implement damage control with updates to Apple maps which since its launch time has improved a lot.

This time around rumours are at an all time high about iOS 7 and its features. There are also talks of NFC entering the scenes with the version 7 and Apple may launch budget iPhones for Asian countries specifically India, China and others.

With just two days before the WWDC kickoff, we have got a list of things that we would like to see in iOS 7. Read on after the break to find out more.

ios7 flat messages

Browser Choice

Apple does allow users to download browsers of their choice but, their functionality is limited to quite an extent and they are not as full-featured as the Safari browser. Apple should all installation of full featured browsers from the likes of Mozilla [read Firefox] and users should be given the option to set any browser as a default one.


Almost all mobile operating systems offer multitasking features – Android (Samsung Galaxy gadgets), Windows 8 (for tablets), BlackBerry (version 10), and it is a high time Apple takes this requirement seriously. This is one feature where other operating systems have taken a little lead (if I may) and it is certainly a feature we would like to see.

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Longer and Stronger Passcodes

Four-digit pins for protection of gadgets seems to be too 90s. Operating systems have advanced way beyond and have started offering biometric access controls, face recognition based access controls and the likes. iOS 7 needs up its ante in this segment as well and come up with longer passcodes or provide some other means of protections.

NFC – Near Field Communication

Rumours about Apple including NFC in its gadgets have been going on since before the launch of iPhone 5 but, all have proved wrong. Even though this technology has witnessed a slow adoption, all major vendors are now offering this feature specifically Apple’s arch rival Samsung. We would like to see iOS 7 blessed with NFC as well.


Android users have been using widgets since its early versions following which they even asked for ability to customize them to which Google has already heeded. Apple isn’t too kind in this arena and doesn’t like to give users control over the way in which the user interface can be customized. We would definitely want to see widgets right there on iPad and iPhone when we unlock it next time.

Better and Improved iMessage

There have been a lot of instances where iMessage doesn’t work. It hangs and ultimately shows up that the message hasn’t been delivered – even when on Wi-Fi. We are not taking sides of telecom operators on this one but, if Apple is not to blame then why on Earth doesn’t Galaxy SIII on Vodafone or Airtel show up such issues? Please, improve iMessage Apple. Please!

Apple Siri header

Easier Access with Siri

Instant-on Siri that uses voice recognition for authentication would be a great boost for iOS 7. Some other settings option such a Bluetooth, Wi-Fi/Airplane mode should be accessible through the notifications center rather than navigating all the way through to the settings page.